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As a plenary poet Nikky absorbs the atmosphere and words of a conference or event

and then creates a special closing plenary poem to encapsulate the discoveries of the day.

The plenaries are narrated by herself in person or via live stream. 

Examples below... The second video is captured by an audience member.

A plenary poem for Under Her Eye at The British Library.

An event focused on women across sectors leading the conversation on environmental change hosted by Invisible Dust.



She has been booked to capture the following events:

London College Of Fashion, 4 Fashion Conference (2019)​

British Library, Under Her Eye, Invisible Dust (2018) 

Festival Of Leaving, Manchester Jewish Museum (Over 2 weeks 2018)

Radical Herbalism Gathering, Hulme Community Garden Centre (2018)

Women In Education Conference Leeds (2018)

Diverse Leaders Conference Sheffield (2018)

International Wales Storytelling Festival (2018)

AfroTech Fest, Rich Mix (2018) 

Afro Futures UK The Black Maker, Birmingham Open Media Digital Performance (2016)

Afro Futures UK, Mad Lab (2015) Written by Nikky shared by another.

Learn.Do.Share, Ravensbourne University London (2014) 

Nigeria House as part of 2012 Olympics.



  • Archiving the event and referencing key ideas to build upon in the future.

  • Inspiring and motivating the attendees - creating a more meaningful, memorable experience.

  • To create a heartfelt memory of the occasion that can be recorded in print or visual form.

  • Previous clients have used the poetry/podcast to promote/market future events, to engage audiences that could not attend, to display on their website, to evaluate and report to fundraisers in a creative way, to monitor impact, as part of a publication and as a form of experiential evaluation. One organiser even turned the poem into a comic zine, another will be using the poem to write on their museum wall - there are many possibilities!


Please contact nikkyworlduk@yahoo.com for more information.


Thank you for your hard work, professionalism and contribution to the Radical Herbal gathering on Saturday.


Everyone I spoke to was humbled by your performance at the closing ceremony and were overwhelmed by how you conveyed the spirit of the event and your humility and gift of expression.

Event Organiser, Jane Placca Radical Herbalism Gathering.

Nikky really took the time to make our staff and volunteers feel part of the writing process of the plenary poem we commissioned for our Festival of Leaving. The final performance of the poem was part of a musicals event, had a significant impact on an audience who would not usually engage in performance poetry, who nodded and laughed as they recognised themselves in the poem. The accompanying podcast was an invaluable way to evaluate the festival’s success and was used to create a beautifully moving digital legacy.


Laura Seddon, Creative Producer, Manchester Jewish Museum

"Nikky attended the first in a series of conferences intended to forge the future of the London College of Fashion, which is moving from six sites all over London to one new, purpose-built, campus on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in 2022, bringing the whole College together for the first time in its history. Nikky spent the afternoon listening carefully and then composed and performed a funny, moving and acutely observed poem as part of the keynote address. After the conference, she reflected further, and polished her poem, and she provided a text and spoken version of it for us to use. We plan to publish the poem as part of the output of the conference online and in print – it gives a brilliant sense of the content and atmosphere at the conference. It was a great pleasure to work with Nikky and we hope we will be able to entice her back next year when we run Edition 2." Anna Jobson Director of Change Management, University of the Arts, London
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